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​kazuki osonoi

Kazuo Ozonoi​​

2016 Graduated from Nippon Photography Institute

as free afterI shoot a wide range of subjects such as portraits, bridals, interviews, things and locations.

As for his works, he continues his lifework with "Tracing the Boundary", a work that explores the boundary between reality and unreality in life.

​2022/6  tokyo bright galley founding member.


2017  Wonder Photo Awards

2023 Japan Advertising Photographers Association APA awards

Aoki Award (EACH MODERN Aoki Gallery)

Grand Prix Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award

2017  Wonder Photo Awards

2017  Exhibition Wonder Foto Day Awards

​2018 Water mass

2019   Group Exhibition What existed there  

2022 Scenery Saturation

2023  APA awards

2023 See the West

2023 2015-2018 Izu

2023 The border which I traced 境界をなぞる

taiwan taipei

Yai Gu Ju

Pictorico Gallery Omotesando

Meguro Museum of Art Gallery

tokyo bright gallery

Tokyo Photographic Art Museum

tokyo bright gallery

tokyo bright gallery


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